Attendee Testimonials

Here are just some of the hundreds of testimonials on John Avellanet’s practical advice, storied experiences and audience engagement:

I loved his practical approach on how to address complicated topics like data integrity. Every session in his two-day course was pertinent with excellent real-world break-out exercises. John gave us tons of supporting materials, sample guidelines, and checklists to help us implement this back in our company. Just amazing.
– Vlad Dimoski, Manager R&D QA, Toronto, Canada

I would go out of my way to hear John speak on any subject just to enjoy his style of message delivery. He speaks with a brilliant combination of energy, humor, positive attitude, and solid meat-on-the-bones details. Perfect.
– Wayne Starnes, CEO, Cary, North Carolina

Simply put, John is the best in the business. Period.
– Nancy Singer, President of Compliance Alliance, Founder of AdvaMed’s Medical Technology Learning Institute (MTLI) and former FDA prosecutor, Washington, D.C.

John Avellanet is an excellent speaker – one of the best I have ever heard. His message is direct, clear, timely, and relevant. His visuals enhance the message. He also includes many of his personal experiences that further support the discussion. Any organization or conference director would do well to make sure he’s prominent on the program.
– Dr. Paul Pluta, Institute of Validation Technology, Chicago, Illinois

John is the best speaker and trainer I’ve ever had in my career. In a two-day workshop, I never lost focus once. He covered all the topics in an easy to follow, engaging format.
– Sarah Santipadri, Manager, Boston, Massachusetts

John has the ability to convey information succinctly and in an entertaining way. He’s very knowledgeable and personable, and happily answered questions and opened up questions for discussion for everyone to feel engaged.
– Ralie Kubat, Corporate Training Manager, Allentown, Pennsylvania

By far, John gave the best seminar I’ve ever attended. All the data integrity takeaway information and documents allow someone to start practicing the course information and advice right away. Usually you come away with a few “crumbs” – this time I feel like I’m walking away with an entire bread loaf. John was extremely knowledgeable and an awesome instructor.
– Karen McClintock, Manager of Software Compliance, Dover, Delaware

John is an amazing presenter. His energy kept the interest of us all for two full days. The information and techniques he gave us were incredibly valuable. I can’t wait to put it all to work.
– Deanna Tantillo, QA Validation Associate, New Brunswick, New Jersey

I attended all three days of the FDA Inspection Summit and was blown away by your dynamic presentations. I am sincerely blessed to have been able to learn as much as I did in such a short time. Thanks to you, my firm is now armed with invaluable insights and techniques to effectively and much more efficiently move ahead in our compliance improvements.
– Tracy Bretherton, Director, Quality Services, Ontario, Canada

John’s workshop was a real-world walkthrough of what great training looks like. His knowledge and communication skills, his problem-solving and willingness to help attendees with practical compliance really exceeded my expectations. Everyone in John’s session walked away excited.
– Blanca Padrino, Manager and QC Reviewer, Miami, Florida

Very good explanations of difficult topics with lots of good, real-world examples. I really liked how he interspersed presenting the information, then exercises, and then discussion and questions about applying back in our company. It felt like John really understood our challenges. I strongly recommend John’s workshops.
– Dean Kloe, QA Manager, Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Expert trainer with upbeat, engaging personality. The workshop was well-structured with lots of good details. I loved the breakdown of all the helpful supporting materials – the guidance documents, the forms, the checklists, and so on. John made really dry material come alive with relevant, concrete examples.
– Curtis Williams, Validation Specialist, Mason, Ohio

Extremely practical with lots of real-world examples and case studies. All the reference materials and checklists and sample policies are really going to help immediately.
– John Beamer, Quality Systems & Compliance Manager, Reardon, Virginia

As a program organizer, I’ve worked with dozens of speakers and John is one of my top speakers. His events are always popular, well attended, and routinely receive excellent feedback. His talks are crammed with specifics, highly useful tools, and tons of valuable takeaway information for attendees. I wish John’s services weren’t in such demand so I could have him speak at every event!
– Joe Pickett, President, ExpertBriefings and Publisher of FDA Digest

I challenge anyone to find a better speaker. You are passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic. I heard nothing but praise from my colleagues. We were all impressed. Thank you.
– Ginger Norfleet, CEO, San Francisco, California

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John is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard in more than 20 years. John was clear, confident, and concise. He was able to simplify a complicated topic and make it interesting with real-life examples and personal stories.
– Tom Golden, Director, Franklin, Tennessee

John was one of the best speakers at the two and a half day conference. His presentation offered sound practical approaches that could be implemented quickly and provide value almost immediately. His well grounded presentation cut through the fluff often seen in other venues.
– Dan O’Leary, President, Swanzey, New Hampshire

I heard you for the first time last week. What a speaker! You generate real excitement on what can be a very dry subject. Thank you for such a stimulating presentation.
– Julie Wilkinson, CIO, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

John takes on complicated regulation and breaks it down into easily managed steps and projects applicable to any company.
– Jeffery Taylor, Manager, Quality Systems and Validation, Phoenix, Arizona

We really liked John’s attitude of “here’s what you really need to do” and “here’s what you don’t.” The weight of all his experiences and real-life recent examples presented really got the message home to our staff.
– Patricia Buck, Director of Quality, Huntsville, Alabama

John is the definition of a great speaker. His knowledge of the subject was more than perfect, and his passion for the topics came across along with all the good examples that resonated with the challenges our organization faces. Thank you, John!
– Glenn Steinke, Manager of Data Systems Compliance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I attended many sessions during the three-day conference and found yours to be the most useful and most informative of all. I look forward to attending your future speaking engagements.
– Calvin Calvert, President, Woodbridge, Virginia

Yours was an excellent talk, well worth the time and the money. I’m looking forward to using the material and strategy you shared to help my company better manage this area. I look forward to other presentations in the future.
– David Hardy, Director, Ontario, Canada

John’s energy kept a normally “dry” topic interesting. He was extremely helpful and listened to all opinions and offered great advice. I wouldn’t have the energy to present the way John does.
– Alice Hager, Senior Quality Manager, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Along with the FDA, you are by far my favorite speaker. Thanks again for a very informative presentation.
– Mark Mitcher, Vice President of Quality Assurance, Saddle Brook, New Jersey

John Avellanet is very practically minded and gave excellent examples that we could really relate to. His humor kept the training class interesting – you wanted to pay attention to make sure you didn’t miss something that would make you smile.
– Ken Wilson, Automation Engineer, Toronto, Canada

John presented with rigor, enthusiasm and humor. His workshop was a delight and a huge benefit to our company.
– Sarah Rubenstein, Compliance Project Manager, Toronto, Ontario

John’s personal style for presenting what is normally “dry/technical” information on compliance is extremely effective. The whole group appreciated his personal experiences and stories. Well done!
– Eric Romano, Director, Supplier Quality, Phoenix, Arizona

John Avellanet of Cerulean is a no-nonsense expert in his field and will your company achieve rapid results in the most cost-effective way possible!
– Luanne Lochner, Records Management Chair, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Your workshop was very informative and I came away from today’s session willing to start using this information right away. You really helped prepare our company to succeed.
– Jaell Bradley, Production Manager, Andover, Massachusetts

Thank you for your presentation at the conference and the follow-up material. You’re speaking the truth on FDA inspections and expectations!
– Mike Daly, Director, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Your presentation will be very helpful as we are restructuring our supplier qualification program. This will help take it to the next level.
– AJ Clifford, QA Analyst, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Prior to John’s workshop, our company was very unclear on what we as a supplier to the pharma and device industries needed to do to be in compliance. John gave us actionable steps to take to get us on the right track.
– Sherrie Braunsberg, Director of Quality, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

John’s talks are very good – lively, engaging and fact-based. Appropriate for all businesses, from small laboratories to large corporations. He applies real examples to complex processes.
– Gregory Cole, Senior Scientist, Scottsdale, Arizona

I want to thank you for giving such a great talk a few weeks back. Your presentation was not only interesting, it was full of humor. And thanks again for providing such great information and follow-up resources on your website.
– Jason Robins, Director, Richmond, Virginia

Thought provoking, entertaining and practical – all at the same time. John provided straightforward, pragmatic ideas and tactics to deal with a complex, ever-changing landscape. I felt engaged the entire time.
– D. Sarppo, Minneapolis, Minnesota

John Avellanet navigated us through a fast-paced, entertaining and informative session. Already during the presentation, I was noting to whom his advice would be welcome and helpful in my organization. Extremely useful!
– A. Klein, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Kiryat Malachi, Israel

In developing our new lean supplier qualification system, I have relied a lot on the GHTF GS3 work that was presented at the conference. Then I reopened your presentation. WOW! Your method is definitely cleaner and LEANer than the GHTF, particularly in relation to supplier risk evaluation and qualification. Thanks!
– Ruth Barnett, Supplier Quality Specialist, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the information in the presentation and the follow-up material. Your presentation was value-added and really kept me engaged.
– Dupe Hughes, Quality Manager, Melrose Park, Illinois

We really enjoyed your webinar very much, and would like to hear additional topics from you. You have an excellent speaking voice and organization of material. Thank you, Mr. Avellanet!
– Robert Allen, Compliance Manager, Parsippany, New Jersey

John Avellanet is very knowledgeable, very to the point, with a good angle on the industry and the challenges we face. We really enjoyed the creative presentation of the slides – it really keeps the eyes engaged and the mind alert.
– W. B Vaden & T. Braun, Directors, Raleigh, North Carolina

I thoroughly enjoyed your speech. I found the style of your presentation to be refreshing and engaging and very supportive of your message and content. Well done. Your talk was top tier.
– Mary Jo Wojtusik, Manager, Milford, Massachusetts

I thought John’s seminar would be like every other compliance seminar. I was pleasantly surprised. I actually had a lot of fun at a compliance seminar! John provided lots of great information with interesting examples, loads of discussion, and lots of real-world pragmatic advice. I was really impressed.
– Alisa Benson, Director of Regulatory Affairs, St. Louis, Missouri

Your workshop provided the necessary framework to simplify complex processes and requirements. Just incredible.
– A. Fauchier, Director, Atlanta, Georgia

Your seminar was a huge hit here!
– C. Troup, Associate Director, Dublin, Ireland

You are a great instructor and present good variety – informative and enjoyable!
– D. Sauro, Parsippany, New Jersey

John’s presentation skills are dynamic and engage the audience to participate – just wonderful!
– Jim Shore, Principal Design Assurance Engineer, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Great workshop, John. I enjoyed how you kept the audience engaged throughout the day and had a good sense of humor.
– Dalila Davies, Quality Specialist, Hazleton, Pennsylvania

John does a great job of making compliance directly applicable to our day-to-day processes. He gave us focused attention on data transfer, migration and archiving challenges with advice that is invaluable.
– Anne Orcutt, Quality Manager, St. Louis, Missouri

Your talk and presentation were very personable. And I like the downloadable reference material so the presentation could be left to high-level concepts and helping us understand the logic behind the advice rather than getting bogged down in details.
– Mike Weber, Director, Newport News, Virginia

Your seminar was very informative and supportive of my needs. Some of your examples really hit home. I am now sufficiently motivated to improve our QSMR process. I look forward to more of your good advice and practical suggestions in future seminars and conferences.
– Karen Steinberg, Manager, Canoga Park, California

Just excellent with great real-world examples. Don’t change a thing.
– C. Pillar, Vice President, Chicago, Illinois

I enjoyed the workshop especially from the perspective of a person ‘not in compliance.’ I love two takeaways you gave us and I put them right to work: using your matrix to streamline compliance and putting your two-in-a-box team concept to work in SOP consolidation.
– Sandy Wassink, Vice President, Rockville, Maryland

Riveting. Very well done. Nothing beats learning from other’s experiences. I’m going to implement your ideas on four audit reporting requirements right away.
– S. Gamble, Assistant Director, Parma, Italy

John – you have again taken a complex aspect of regulatory compliance and given us a direct & common sense approach to dealing with it.
– Kathy Arbuthnott, Senior Regulatory Manager, Frederick, Maryland

John is the most engaging and interesting speaker I’ve heard.
– Rose-Ann Morangelli, Program Producer, New York, New York

You possess that rare talent of being able to handle sensitive issues in a direct and productive manner that promotes an on-going dialogue and practical solutions. You cut through all the clutter and helped us move forward on the right track.
– Barry Nowak, Director, Lansing, Michigan

All the tools, templates and examples you provided have been very valuable and made my tasks much easier.
– B. Fallen, President, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania