Compliance Improvements You Can Trust

Cerulean’s John Avellanet has become an internationally respected expert by helping firms fix FDA quality systems, regulatory affairs programs, IT compliance efforts, and records management & document retention issues.

What Cerulean will do

  • explain why the consultant’s work was substandard
  • show you how the compliance components should have been optimized
  • clarify what needs to happen, the priorities and options
  • review the benefits you’ll see from improvements
  • fix each compliance component properly
  • transfer knowledge so you can make more informed decisions in the future
  • give you twelve months of free help with any future audit or inspection
  • minimize your risks and maximize your success

Are you seeing too many little red flags with the current consultants you have? Maybe it’s time to call someone FDA inspectors recommend.

Dependable proof

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Lean compliance expertise

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