Pharma Firm Gets FDA Records Compliant for Less

Pharma Firm Gets FDA Records Compliant for Less

Cerulean assisted a mid-sized pharmaceutical firm to design and implement lean FDA compliant records retention:

“Cerulean’s John Avellanet was extremely helpful in assisting us to develop records and information management policies and records retention schedules that matched our FDA requirements and our resource capabilities.  In addition, he managed our project expectations well and kept us on track and on budget.”

– Chih-Wu Chang, Senior Manager, San Diego, California

Implementing a records management and retention program for FDA compliance is about blending regulatory requirements with down-to-earth realities.  To learn more about how Cerulean works with what you have to put in place practical policies and defensible documentation retention, see our FDA records management consulting services.


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If you’re worried about your exposure from documents, emails, and other records, see our FDA records management consulting services or contact us today.