Medical Device Firm Sees Quick Results for Less

Medical Device Firm Sees Quick Results for Less

Understanding the needs of small and mid-sized businesses is critical; far too many consultants suggest fixes that will never work in a fast-paced, growing company:

“John Avellanet provides excellent advice that is both compliant and reasonable (meaning able to be achieved, something that for those of us with a small staff, is critical). He also works within the constraints of a current system and a company’s business realities when providing advice. This has helped integrate his recommendations into our company much faster and for a lot less than if other areas needed to be revised to accommodate. Again with a small staff and low budget, this has been extremely helpful. I would recommend Cerulean for small to mid-size firms that need to be in regulatory compliance with the FDA and want to get to market (or partnership) quickly.”

– Michael Weber, Director of Quality, Williamsburg, Virginia

For this client we designed, drafted, and implemented an FDA and GHTF-compliant lean quality management system over a 6-month period.  The client was able to immediately expand sales into Canada and Mexico, putting them four months ahead of their initial business plan.

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