Cerulean’s compliance consulting advice is not for everyone.  Here are ten reasons for you to work with someone else:

1. You don’t really want to comply

Some people would prefer not to have practical FDA compliance and cost-effective quality systems, or have to deal with FDA records and document controls.  They’d rather just go through the motions.  It may be because they focus on the bottom line only, are simply “too busy” or are “not ready for all this.”  Hire Cerulean when you want your compliance programs to work for you – not get in the way.

2. You don’t like a consultant who asks a lot of questions

Years ago, I worked with an executive who waived questions away with a “just take care of it.”  He was not happy with the result and I learned I was no good at reading minds.  If you want solutions that solve your unique concerns, I need to understand the complete picture.  I ask questions because that’s the fastest, most productive way to uncover concerns or business plans that will keep FDA compliance from helping you.

3. You believe compliance plays no role in business strategy

There are two ways to achieve business success:  dumb luck or sound strategy with good execution.  Understanding your strategy and plans allows Cerulean to best recommend rules and policies with minimal overhead, to simplify and streamline SOPs and processes, and to suggest best practices appropriate for your organization.  To keep compliance from slowing you down, we need to be in alignment on where you want to go.  If you’re hoping for lightning to strike or a miracle cloud to descend, you’re wasting your time and money.

4. You want to stick to the same old, same old

It’s easy to stay with the familiar.  Thinking and trying new things can be disruptive.  When you’re ready to explore new options, to simplify and streamline compliance, that’s when you should call Cerulean.

5. You need jargon to feel you got your money’s worth

Cerulean does not do “synergies,” “paradigm-shifts,” “repurposeable, leverageable mindsharing” and other indecipherable jibber-jabber.  That stuff doesn’t mean anything to employees, suppliers, partners, or to regulatory investigators.  As former Cerulean clients will happily tell you, Cerulean is all about jargon-free advice and straightforward results.

6. You want to play it safe

If you want to just follow your competition, the best you’ll achieve is a “me too.”  At Cerulean, I like to help my clients figure out where they want to go and how best to get there given what they have to work with.  As my client testimonials state, Cerulean is all about helping you achieve your goals, stay within budget and continuously improve.

7. Pleasing others is more important than generating results

Theodore Roosevelt got it right, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”  If Cerulean will be another expert whose advice you plan to put up on the shelf, don’t waste your money.

8. You prefer a brand rather than an expert

If you like to look at the ads on the walls of airport and baggage claim carousels and see the name of your consultant, Cerulean is not for you.  Cerulean depends on word-of-mouth referrals by happy clients, not big ad budgets paid for by inflated invoices.

9. Your company loves long, lingering gazes in the mirror

Self-absorbed navel gazing is a hallmark common to companies that hold off-site meetings to force attendees to memorize mission statements and “company values.”  I prefer to work with executives focused on their customers.  Contact Cerulean when you want your FDA compliance to help you demonstrate customer care to patients, shareholders, and inspectors alike.

10. You don’t care if the advice & help is effective or not

Results mean work, and if you want to just “outsource compliance,” you won’t like doing any of the heavy-lifting to meet your regulatory requirements….

Unfortunately, there are far too many executives like that.  Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you’re not one of them.  Maybe it’s time we worked together.  Contact me today.