Guarantee and Pricing Levels

Our work is guaranteed. Period.

Cerulean clients receive an industry-unique triple guarantee:

  • One full month of free follow-up advice
  • Complete fee refund if we don’t meet our agreements with you
  • PLUS one full year of free remote assistance if you are ever audited or inspected on the work we did for you

We do not want our clients to have any help from Cerulean that is not completely satisfactory.  No questions, no argument, no guilt.  It’s that simple.

Call +1 757 645 2864 or Email us to request your compliance guarantee today

Our rates are less than the rates of consultants with comparable experience at large consulting firms due to our lower overhead and Cerulean’s specialized expertise.

Choose from four different pricing options:

  • Negotiated Fixed Fee – based upon a mutually agreed value of the results to your business; a 5% discount is offered for full payment upfront; travel and materials are usually included.  As an example, a complete mock FDA quality systems audit typically costs between $8,900-14,500 (USD) depending on required time on-site (up to 1 week), travel distances, and so on.
  • Performance Based – similar to the fixed fee option, but billed out at 85% of the normal rate; you determine the remaining payment based on your level of satisfaction
  • Time & Materials – the non-referral rate for ON-SITE work is $1,800-2,000 per day, plus travel and materials expenses; this breaks down to approximately $225-250 per hour on-site. REMOTE work is $200 per hour for non-referral rates.  Remember: hourly rates are more expensive than fixed fee
  • Retainer Basis – based upon a mutually agreed-upon list of value to your business; normal retainer rate is $1,100 per month for a minimum of 3 months and covers up to 10 hours of work per month; any required travel is reimbursable

Get more than you expect:

  • One year subscription ($429 value) to our client newsletter of quality system tips and regulatory intelligence, SmarterCompliance
  • Transparent billing – our invoicing is flexible to meet your accounts payable and budgeting needs; simply let us know the information you need on an invoice (such as employer identification number, DUNS #, and so on)
  • Project stages – segment projects into staged steps from which you can walk away at the end of each stage with no further obligation
  • Referral finder’s rebate – for those seeking to further reduce costs, we offer a 3% rebate for every qualified referral you provide

Take the next step. Contact us today and start turning compliance into a competitive edge.