Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked (and some we wish were asked)! Click on each question to get the answer or feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below.

What is Lean Compliance?
How can you help with data integrity?
Do you do computer validation?
Who are your typical clients?
How long has Cerulean been in business?
How are you different from other consultants?
Can I sample your work without hiring you?
Do you guarantee your work?
What do you charge?
How do you guarantee at least a 5-to-1 return on my investment?
What does a typical workshop involve?
What does a compliance or quality project look like?
Is there anything you require before we can work together?
What options do we have to continue working with you beyond the project or workshop?
How big is Cerulean?
How do you pronounce Cerulean?
How do I know if I'm ready to hire an outside consultant?
Why should I hire Cerulean versus another consulting firm?
Aren't you always looking for ways to expand the scope of our cost?
Is thre anything else I should know about before I decide to hire Cerulean?